Bridgette Mayer interviewed for Philadelphia Style Magazine

Bridgette Mayer interviewed for Philadelphia Style Magazine

Philadelphia Style Magazine
Dollars & Sense
February 2023

In a world where fine art can be intimidating for many, Bridgette Mayer of Center City's Bridgette Mayer Gallery ( dedicates her time to create a comfortable, positive and honest experience for all. "I do believe art is for everyone, not just for art collectors," she shares. "My initial background is working in the New York gallery system, and going to galleries in New York was often a very cold and austere experience where you're not greeted and there isn't a lot of information shared or given out unless you ask for it. When I opened my gallery, my number one priority was to make people feel comfortable and at home walking into my space." Considering the contemporary gallery's welcoming atmosphere, it's no surprise its doors have been open for 24 years.

According to Mayer, there aren't many full-service galleries in Center City. Lucky for art lovers, the gallery's team is prepared to do anything to find a client's perfect piece. By utilizing research tools and long-standing professional relationship, Mayer can save collectors from having to hunt down works on their own. "A lot of people just don't have the time to research the art market to understand how to buy a work of art, invest in it or what good prices are and not get taken advantage of," she notes. "And sometimes a client might want to see 20 options for a wall but doesn't necessarily want to put the hours into finding the perfect work of art. I love doing that." Plus, with over 1,000 clients, the gallery can source pieces within a range of prices, from first investments to museum-level works. Currently, the gallery owner is working on selling and placing a painting that's valued at $115 million.

My mission is to engage the public, the city of Philadelphia, patrons, artists and anyone who wants to come in and make sure that they have a really great experience." -Bridgette Mayer, Director & Owner

With long-term clients that have been around since 2001, Bridgette Mayer Gallery's focus on the community, artists and collectors it serves has truly paid off. The gallery's repeat and referral business flourishes from a sincere trust in the value of its experience and everything the artists the Gallery represent. "In the art world, it's the Wild West in certain places. That was frustrating for me early on and creating a business with a high level of integrity in the marketplace was important to me," she says.

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