Damian Stamer Painting Acquired by Crystal Bridges

Damian Stamer Painting Acquired by Crystal Bridges

State of the Art 2020 Update: Crystal Bridges Acquires Artworks and a New VR Experience

July 15, 2020

New Acquisitions

Crystal Bridges has acquired 31 artworks by 28 artists featured in State of the Art 2020 that will be added to the museum’s permanent collection. The artwork by Alex Bradley Cohen listed below was not featured in the exhibition, but Cohen was a featured artist in the exhibition.
“We are thrilled to welcome these 31 artworks to our collection to add to the unfolding story of American art,” said Lauren Haynes, director of artist initiatives and curator, contemporary art at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. “The diversity of thought, materials, experiences, and topics represented in these artworks help us make sense of the complex times we live in. We’re excited to see the impact these artists and their artworks have on our visitors for years to come.”
A full list of the acquisitions can be found below (in alphabetical order by artist’s last name). A selection of these works will remain on view at Crystal Bridges through November.

Damian Stamer, Horry County 6 (2018)

This image depicts an abandoned and deteriorating barn in Horry County—a historic agricultural community in South Carolina—located a few hours south of Damian Stamer’s home. Stamer drew inspiration from old photographs and his own memory in painting this scene. He used printmaking techniques to produce a kaleidoscope effect through the layering of cracked lines and pops of brilliant color. The pitched ceiling draws the eye to the top of the canvas, creating an illusion of expansiveness, while the softly indistinct imagery echoes nostalgic memories of a simpler time.

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