Eileen Neff Awarded the Honorary Council Award of Excellence at the Print Center's 95th Annual

Eileen Neff Awarded the Honorary Council Award of Excellence at the Print Center's 95th Annual

Gallery artist Eileen Neff was named a semi-finalist and awarded the Honorary Council Award of Excellence in the Print Center’s 95th ANNUAL international photography and printmaking competition. Eileen submitted five photographs: Blue as a Window; Such a Rainy Day; Releaf; 7:34pm on June 12th; and Curtains, all made in 2020.

Artist Statement:
Drawing on both historic and contemporary concepts of picturing the natural and constructed world, my work also includes an investigation of studio practice itself as a generative source. These works were instigated by a heightened studio time during the summer of 2020, when I reconsidered ongoing (postponed) projects as well as engaged the seasonal gifts that have often marked my practice. The images with tape are cropped versions of my constructed-to-scale proofs for future (seamless) works, and now part of a series I call Work from Work. Also represented here are works made during the time of the summer solstice, when the setting sun on the western horizon appears on the eastern wall of my studio. I’ve been taking advantage of this natural visitor for years, always changing what I set in its path. Among other things, this year I placed a cut-out photograph of a leaf on top of a photograph of an empty shelf, and then let the sun have its way.

About the Print Center ANNUAL:
The Print Center ANNUAL is one of the most prestigious and oldest juried competitions in the United States. The 95th ANNUAL featured works by 35 of the finest international artists currently using photography or printmaking as critical components in their work.
The 95th ANNUAL was juried by David Campany, Managing Director of Programs, International Center of Photography, New York and Larissa Goldston, Director, Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE). Campany and Goldston reviewed over 3,000 images and videos submitted by 635 artists. Submissions came from 45 states and 30 countries across the globe. We are pleased to present an online exhibition of portfolios from the 10 Finalists and 25 Semifinalists.

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