Eileen Neff featured on Café Floss, a podcast with Floss Barber

Eileen Neff featured on Café Floss, a podcast with Floss Barber

Eileen Neff was recently featured on Café Floss, a podcast with Floss Barber. In this episode, Eileen discusses the inspiration and process behind her solo exhibition in 2021, The Windows, at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, her background in literature and painting and how she discovered the art of photography, her childhood upbringing, and the influence of her family particularly her parents and her aunts in her life, as well as her photography project in 2017 in documenting the conservation of two dioramas at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Eileen and Floss also discuss Eileen’s connection to Philadelphia and the advice she would give to young and upcoming artists on how to remain centered during the ever-changing world.

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Café Floss Podcast Series

When Floss Barber read the book Rush: Revolution, Madness, and the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father, by Stephen Fried, she was moved by the stories of Colonial Philadelphians and their enlightened thinking. It made her want to capture the details of her own generation’s creative minds. In the Café Floss podcast series, the founder of interior design studio Floss Barber Inc. sits down with a select group of creative legends who have spent their careers in Philadelphia. They might not have signed the Declaration of Independence like Benjamin Rush and his friends, but they have forged creative paths, broken barriers, and helped ensure future generations can think, work, and live in imaginative and inspired ways.

In each episode, Floss delves into the life and experiences of one individual. By discussing their early years, career beginnings, challenges, and achievements, Floss and her guests capture their stories for generations. Floss brings her own designer perspective to the conversations, exploring how Philadelphia’s rich artistic and cultural heritage has influenced her guests.

Produced by Philadelphia media production lab Radiokismet, which espouses a belief in the inherent value of every person’s story, Café Floss helps preserve the legacy of Philadelphia’s creative community.

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