Ivan Stojakovic: Nature's Return at The Arsenal Gallery

March 8, 2012

Ivan Stojakovic: Nature's Return at The Arsenal Gallery

Nature’s Return, a multimedia exhibition curated by Omo Misha. On view March 8 through April 19, Nature’s Return explores the growing dissonance between humanity and the natural world.

Through creative works of wonder, integrity and beauty, seventeen contemporary artists present works that examine our fragile relationship with the planet. Each artist offers a unique perspective, with some drawing attention to specific landscapes, industrial conflicts and urbanization, and others simply seeking answers to perplexing environmental questions. Nature’s Return is a vivid call to focus on the planet, recognize our oneness with the earth and to respond, with action, to the occurrence of environmental injustice.

“Each piece in this exhibit provides a window for contemplation,” says curator Omo Misha, “…a quiet space from which to consider the earth – its concurrent magnificence, power and fragility – and our inherent connection to it.”

To see the show, please visit:

The Arsenal Gallery
The Arsenal at Central Park
5th Avenue at 64th Street, Third floor
New York, NY,
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed holidays)

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