Ray Beldner & Nigel Sense Join Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Ray Beldner & Nigel Sense Join Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Ray Beldner & Nigel Sense Join Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Philadelphia, PA – March 28, 2024. Bridgette Mayer, Owner of Bridgette Mayer Gallery, announced today that the gallery will begin representing artists Ray Beldner & Nigel Sense. In 2025, Bridgette Mayer Gallery will present curated exhibitions at its Philadelphia gallery showing these incredible artists.

Ray Beldner (b. 1961) is a mixed media artist who reimagines and reconfigures art historical imagery into colorful, collaged sculptures. Ray sources images of paintings from different art historical periods from books, auction catalogs, and magazines, which he cuts and arranges to draw out their complementary and contrasting attributes and create surprising, lyrical and visually confounding new compositions. Ray’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and can be found in many public and private collections including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and the Federal Reserve Board, Washington D.C., 21c Museum, Kentucky, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Oakland Museum of California, and the San Jose Museum of Art, among others.

Reflecting on his work and this new chapter with Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Ray states: “My current work emerges from a rich tapestry of artistic heritage, layered from fragments torn from the pages of art history found in books, catalogs, and art magazines. I am captivated by the intricate shapes and textures they embody and in my deconstructive process, I unravel their shapes, piecing together a kaleidoscope of visually discordant compositions that challenge conventional perceptions. Unlike my previous conceptual projects, this work unfolds organically, each creation a dialogue between my intuition and the raw materials at hand. With each piece, I revel in the joy of invention and the complexities and contradictions of visual pleasure.

I am thrilled and deeply honored to have the opportunity to exhibit at the esteemed Bridgette Mayer Gallery. The gallery's exquisite space and its roster of exceptional artists are truly remarkable, and I am excited to be a part of such a prestigious community.”

Nigel Sense (b. 1975) is a Wollongong-born Australian artist, whose keen interest in travel and discovery informs his idiosyncratic style and nomadic nature. Nigel draws inspiration from American abstract expressionists and 1960s Pop Artists in his colorful abstract paintings, commenting on and exploring the human condition. His instinctive process, capturing the immediacy of daily life, engages viewers with vibrant colors and a playful spirit. Nigel has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group shows throughout Australia and in Sri Lanka, including exhibitions at the Colombo Art Biennale in Sri Lanka, Sydney Contemporary, Salon De Refuses, and the National Centre of Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Darwin.

In discussing his artistic inspirations and his representation with Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Nigel says: “It’s been a lifelong aspiration of mine to exhibit my work in the same spaces where many of my artistic influences originated. From the music of Lou Reed, Johnny Thunders, and Guns N' Roses to the rebellious energy of movies like RAD and Thrashin', and pioneer skateboarder Tony Alva, my journey has been shaped by these cultural icons. During my time in art school, I immersed myself in the works of Basquiat, Pollock, and the vibrant scene surrounding Andy Warhol. Today, I'm thrilled to announce that I've been chosen to join the esteemed ranks of artists represented by the renowned Bridgette Mayer Gallery in the United States. My gratitude goes out to Bridgette and the entire gallery team for this extraordinary opportunity, and I can't wait to see where this exciting new chapter takes us.”

For further information, please contact Julia Carita at: jcarita@bmayerart.com.

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