Shelley Spector, "Fiber Next" at Delaware Art Museum

January 28, 2014

Shelley Spector, "Fiber Next" at Delaware Art Museum

FiberNext showcases a blend of spectacular and intimate works that reflect the lively state of fiber art by12 regional fiber artists. This exhibition will feature approximately 20 pieces that illustrate today’s most ingenious approaches to fiber-based materials, combining classic textile traditions with contemporary art and design to create multi-dimensional works of art.

“Fiber art” typically refers to works of art that incorporate fabric or yarn and favors aesthetic value over utility. Broadening the boundaries of this medium, the artists featured in FiberNext have branched out to incorporate an eclectic array of materials and techniques, including metal, digital embroidery, plastic, paper, clay, photography, wood, and recycled materials. Their works encompass a range of color, texture, and materials, and concepts such as community, gender, and upcycling.

In addition to the FiberNext Outlooks Exhibition, yarn-bombers from Vulcan’s Rest Fibers, a fiber arts supply shop in Chesapeake City, Maryland, have knitted, crocheted, and woven brightly-colored winter “scarves” to adorn several of the trees in the Museum’s Copeland Sculpture Garden for a unique on-site installation on view through April 13, 2014.

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