Tim McFarlane Mounts Solo Exhibition at the Shipley School's Speer Gallery

Tim McFarlane Mounts Solo Exhibition at the Shipley School's Speer Gallery

Evidence by Tim McFarlane

Evidence by Tim McFarlane is on display in Shipley's Speer Gallery from October 29 - December 20, 2022.

About the Exhibition:
This exhibition contains new and recent works that continue my exploration of themes related to place, the residue of humans’ existence in their surroundings and real and/or reconstructed memories of places.

Artist Statement:
The fluid space of memory, influenced by time, place and experience forms the foundation of content for my paintings and works on paper. As personal meaning and influences evolve, the residue of the past lingers and we are left to attempt to reconcile new information with knowledge with what is already known, or imagined, of the past. Some of the old information and ways of being are overwritten, forgotten or marginalized, a result of continuous cycles of building and rebuilding that happens in most man-made places, like cities. Resistance to these changes is embodied by people who pass down information about what once was. That information, however, is often clouded by nostalgia, personal agendas and the fragility of human memory, so subsequent generations are often left to piece together history from scraps of information and artifacts. By merging aspects of lived experience, observations of changes occurring around me and imagined scenarios, I make non-objective work that reflects broad experiences of life and memory.

My works have an emphasis on multi-layered systems, color (chromatic and gray scale) and process. In my paintings, overlapping forms and fractured spaces alternately support and negate each other, mirroring changes that occur in everyday life. Shifts in formal relationships, space and perception, some subtle and others more readily perceptible, contribute to the psychological content in my work. I make my paintings and works on paper with a combination of open and opaque layers that incorporate various modes of mark making that include: direct painting, drawing, image transfers and stenciling. Taken together, my process forges a sense of interdependence, history and chance happenings, which, in turn, allows room for multiple meanings in my work.

Opening Reception:
November 18
3:00 - 6:30 pm

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