Kehinde Wiley

Artwork Information
This Kehinde Wiley print is 1 of only 30 created. A rising star in the Art World, Kehinde Wiley has been growing in popularity and notoriety for quite some time. Wiley is primarily a portrait artist, and he is most well-known for creating Barack Obama's official presidential portrait in 2017, which was accessioned into the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery.

"Head of a Young Girl Veiled" incorporates the same pattern-based background motif as President Obama's portrait, though its subject is a young girl in profile. This print was created for an exclusive fundraiser to benefit Wiley's nonprofit, the Black Rock Senegal artist-in-residence program. Created in 2019, Black Rock brings together artists from around the world to live and work in Dakar, Senegal for months at a time. The organization's purpose is to encourage contemporary artists to take inspiration from Senegalese culture, collaborate with other artists, and contribute to global discourse about Africa.

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