Benefit Exhibition for BalletX

July 9 - August 9, 2013

July 9th - August 9th, 2013

Exhibiting Artists (Press Release Below):

Phillip Adams
Becca Albee
Lee Alter
Neil Anderson
Anya Antonovych Metcalf
Lee Arnold
Gerald Auten
Radcliffe Bailey
Joe Ballweg
Jeffrey Beebe
Tim Belknap
Arden Bendler Browning
Alison Berry
Logan Blanco
March Blumthal
Jill Bonovitz
Frank Bramblett
Heather Brammeier
Susie Brandt
Mark Brosseau
Jenny Brown
Lori Bruno
Maya Brym
Jeff Burgert
Diane Burko
Dan Burns
Chris Burnside
Danielle Bursk
Justin Bursk
Charles Burwell
Jennifer Caine
Rebekah Callaghan
Maria Capolongo
Patty Castner
Bob Chaney
Sue Chenoweth
Naomi Chung
Matthew Craig
Wai-Yi Darwish
Kate Davis Caldwell
Chris Davison
Micah Daw
Agathe de Bailliencourt
Michael De Feo
Liam Dean
Georgeanne Deen
Fran Deitrich
Gianna Dell’uomo
Ben Diller
Nicole Donnelly
Amze Emmons
James Erikson
Tayana Fazlalizadeh
Clara Fialho
Angela Fraleigh
Dorothy Frey
Kati Gegenheimer
Daniel Gerwin
J.T. Gibson
Timothy Gierschick
Lorraine Glessner
Julie Goldstein
German Gomez
Robert Goodman
Nathan Green
Joanne Greenbaum
Wendy Greenberg
Jenny Hager
Catherine Haggarty
Louise Hamlin
Bryce Hammond
Forsyth Harmon
Lisa Haskell
Julian Hatton
Charlie Hewitt
Janelle Iglesias
Lisa Iglesias
Imler & Spencer
Tish Ingersoll
Gisela Insuaste
William Ishmael
Henry Jackson
Jeanne Jaffe
Duncan Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson
Leroy Johnson
Marcella Kaspar
Andrea Keefe
Colin Keefe
Kelli Scott Kelley
Michele Kishita
Katie Knoeringer
Sarah Kurz
Caroline Lathan-Stiefel
Rita Leduc
Heidi Leitzke
James Leonard
Susan Lichtman
PJ Linden aka Wonderpuss Octopus
Kathie Lister
Jacque Liu
Ro Lohin
Fabian Lopez
Adam Lovitz
Alex Lukas
Michelle Mackey
Leah Mackin
Mark Mahosky
Matthew Mann
Michelle Marcuse
Andrea Mary Marshall
Joe McAleer
Ryan McCartney
John McCluskey
Colleen McCubbin Stepanic
Thomas McDonell
Tim McFarlane
Erin McIntosh
Jason Metcalf
Kristen Mills
Maggie Mills
Meech Miyagi
Andy Monk
Sarah Alice Moran
Deirdre Murphy
Erin Murray
Stan Narten
Eileen Neff
Stuart Netsky
Dale Newkirk
John Newman
Jay Noble
Sarah Noble
Paul Oberst
Odili Donald Odita
Rachel Off
Janell Olah
Daniel Oliva
Chad Olsen
Erik Olson
Isoko Onedora
Elizabeth Orleans
Nathan Pankratz
Liz Parrish
Matt Parrish
Jeff Peezick
Jess Perlitz
Michael Perrone
Santiago Pineda
Ekaterina Popova
Liz Price
Shelby Prindaville
Jessica Puma
Anita Ragusa
Andy Ralph
Heather Ramsdale
Colleen Randall
Shan Raoufi
Jan Rattia
Fay Ray
Beth Reisman
Celia Reisman
Lyman Richardson
Ted Riederer
Enrico Riley
Jane Runyeon
Rebecca Rutstein
Jonathan Ryan
Mike Ryan
Richard Ryan
Chris Santa Maria
Caroline Santa
Rebecca Saylor Sack
Barbara Schaff
Jeff Schaller
Chris Schmidt
Michael Secor
Matt Sepielli
Ward Shelley
Piper Shepard
David Slovic
Tremain Smith
Mary Smull
Tom Snelgrove
Ellen Soffer
Kurt Souder
Shelley Spector
Damian Stamer
David Staniunas
Emily Steinberg
Kate Stewart
Brooke Steytler
Alison Stigora
Lisa Sylvester
Clint Takeda
Esme Thompson
Jaime Treadwell
Tom Vance
Chris Vecchio
Shanna Waddell
Adam Wallacavage
Lauren Whearty
Patch Whisky
Scott White
Ben Will
Jennifer Williams
John Wind
Douglas Witmer
Kevin Wixted
Rachael Wren
Eva Wylie
Nami Yamamoto
Mauro Zamora
Julie Zahn
Susan Ziegler

Bridgette Mayer Gallery Holds Benefit Exhibition Supporting Philadelphia Dance Company BalletX: Exhibition will be on view July 9th – August 9th, 2013 with an opening reception Friday, July 12th, 6 – 8:30 PM.

Between 1954 and 1964, Robert Rauschenberg and Merce Cunningham collaborated on over twenty performances, forging an extraordinary partnership between the visual arts and contemporary dance. Rauschenberg created backdrops, props and costumes for Cunningham’s free-thinking, experimental choreography. More than half a century later, Bridgette Mayer Gallery finds inspiration in Cunningham’s idea that “the dance is an art in space and time,” as the gallery assembles an expansive group exhibition to benefit BalletX, Philadelphia's premier contemporary ballet company.

More than 200 artists have been selected to create 400 paintings, photographs, collages, and sculptures for the exhibition which will run July 9th through August 9th, 2013. Each artist is working with one or two ten inch square panels generously donated by Ampersand Art Supply. Philadelphia, national, and international artists from every point in their career—from recent MFA graduates to established artists held in prominent museum collections – will exhibit side by side in the gallery. Each work will be sold for either $500 or $1,000, with proceeds benefitting BalletX. For a list of exhibiting artists, please visit

In addition to the exhibition, the gallery will be launching, a hub and destination website to experience all of the unique and exclusive art events going on in Philadelphia.

BalletX, founded by former Pennsylvania Ballet dancers Christine Cox and Matthew Neenan in 2005, unites distinguished choreographers with an outstanding company of world-class dancers to forge new works of athleticism, emotion, and grace. The company is committed to challenging the boundaries of classical ballet by producing new works of the highest quality and integrity that bring the combined visions of choreographers and dancers to life and cultivate in audiences a collective appetite for bold new dance. Their 2013 Summer Series, Beautiful Decay, a world premiere commission by internationally acclaimed choreographer Nicolo Fonte, will run concurrently with our exhibition from July 10-14th at The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. Visit to learn more.

Bridgette Mayer Gallery, established in 2001, represents and exhibits artists whose work display the variety and genius of contemporary art now being created in the US. The gallery exhibits painting, sculpture and photography with an emphasis on innovative process and content-driven ideas that speak to beauty, technology, culture and the contemporary landscape. Housed in an historic 1799 Philadelphia brownstone, the gallery presents ten exhibitions a year in its 3,000 square foot space and participates in numerous art fairs in the United States.

Summer hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. & by appointment. For additional information please contact Bridgette Mayer at (p) 215-413-8893 (f) 215-413-2283

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