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December 1 , 2004 - January 15, 2005

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VISIBLE SPECTRUM –December 1 – January 15, 2005

Philadelphia, PA - The Bridgette Mayer Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring seven painters working on various surfaces. “Visible Spectrum” will run from December 1 – January 15, 2005 with an opening reception Friday, December 3rd from 6:00-8:30 p.m.

The exhibition presents seven diverse painters who have a commonality within their rich use of color encompassing all the colors the eye can see as well as an intensive approach to painting. Layering and an array of unique processess within painting are evident as well as a strong sensibility to mark-making.

Elyce ABRAMS is showing two oil on panel works featuring sanded and poured abstract layers. Abrams begins her works pouring a color onto the surface and then begins her travel through the space adding and subtracting marks, sanding, working and re-layering as the painting progresses. She states, “The attempt to control an uncontrolled motion visually reflects my struggle to understand my internal and external place in society. I try to quietly guide the viewer into and through my work using language that has to be pondered and interpreted, viewed and digested. My audience is invited to reflect on the meaning of the marks, colors, drips, and erasures.

Painter Neil ANDERSON is showing two new oil on linen paintings sized at 40 x 78” and 32 x 50” respectively. Anderson’s new paintings continue to explore his use of extensive layering of oil on linen in meticulously painted almost template like layers.
These layers are juxtaposed with large blocks of space and color that have a graphic/mechanical quality. Anderson works with rocks and tree branches found in nature to composed hard-edged and soft forms of space that envelope the viewer.

Philadelphia artist Mark BROSSEAU has several acrylic on panel works which feature abstract fantastical spaces or create an “experiental” place for the viewer to interact with. Brosseau pushes the viewer to feel his or her way through his created spaces where inevitably all of the senses become engaged. There is an edge of humor in Brosseau’s new series as well as a visual electric and playful use of iridescent and neon paint colors.

Philadelphia artist Chip DUNAHUGH is featured for the first time at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery and is showing two series of works, “Openings/Transoms” and “Jig” Series.” In his “Openings/Transoms” series, Dunahugh explores the interaction of the viewer with the art. In his work he is contemplating paths, the path of light through the transoms and openings as well as the path of the viewer through the installation. The larger panels suggest doors and create a familiar size relationship in which the viewer is moving from opening to opening -- a symbolic movement from room to room subtly suggesting that the viewer should take in each view separately while considering the whole as well as the entire journey.

Gallery artist Clark GIBSON is showing two new works: “Threaded Silhouette – Red and “Threaded Form - Yellow.” The paintings are made through several phases using oil paint and graphite pencil on smooth, processed wood. Gibson’s new series employs a tight layering of graphite and oil paint built on top of one another over successive layers. The effect is that of textured fabric.

Painter Dana HARGROVE has created an ambitious installation of seventy new mixed media acrylic and gouache paintings on paper sized at 8 x 10” and 10 x 8” respectively. Titled “Misconnections,” Hargrove’s work features mapping, elements of biology and science as well as abstract landscapes and figures. The inspiration for her paintings on paper is the concept of the human exchange with its multiple connections, misunderstandings and separations.

Gallery artist Deirdre MURPHY is showing two new 10 x 10” oil on panel pieces that continue to explore her interest in textiles and botany. Murphy has created mulit-layered paintings that push the viewer to explore several worlds within a world. In speaking on her work she states, “I arrive at my imagery by observing the orderly repetition in textiles modeled after nature and the seemingly unpredictable qualities of botany. I paint about the sense of exuberance and abundance where the two worlds meet.”

New to the Vault Room this month, artist Ellie BROWN has constructed a mini-library featuring her collage, painted and drawn books. They play with the idea of a book and how one looks at it and receives information. Each book on the book shelf is an art object in itself. The pages of the books are glued together to render it unopenable. Inside the book, a portion is cut out to reveal a window of thought illustrated though collage. The two-collaged pieces in the book work in both a juxtaposed and harmonic dialogue.

“Visible Spectrum” will run through January 15, 2005. The artist’s will be present at the opening reception Friday, December 3rd from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday 11–5:30, other days by appointment. For additional information please contact Bridgette Mayer, 215.413.8893 Fax 215.413.2283

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