Neil Anderson

January 21 - May 8, 2021

Neil Anderson: Traveling the Plane
Milton Art Bank
January 21 - April 24, 2021

MAB is pleased to announce Travelling the Plane, an exhibition of new paintings by Neil Anderson. Each of the works on view reveal Anderson’s process-driven approach to a deeply intuitive and personal response to nature. Through a masterful orchestration of line, color, and space, Anderson creates an overall visual harmony in paintings that reference natural forces, environmental networks, and organic systems. These works are constantly in motion, leading the viewer’s eye in and around the picture plane. Broad, fast lines and shapes are contrasted with slow, intimate moments of unexpected color juxtapositions. Anderson’s colorful, tessellated forms derived from looking at nature–are these leaves? Vines? Branches? Clouds? Shadows? – also have a distinct musicality, with deep bass set against taut, crisp high notes.

The works in this exhibition are from Anderson’s ongoing series Earth Songs, first begun in 2013. According to Anderson, “each painting in the series is a unique song that celebrates the earth, the ground under our feet. Each of these paintings begins without a preconceived idea of the direction it will take…Ultimately, the meaning of the painting arises from the unexpected occurrences of formal arrangement that happen in the process of working toward a conclusion where all the parts become interdependent.”

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