Sharon Harper, "This is Climate Change"

August 27 - October 26, 2019

Southeast Museum of Photography
This is Climate Change
AUGUST 27 - OCTOBER 26, 2019

The Southeast Museum of Photography presents a fine-art photography show featuring breathtaking landscape photographs of the Pacific Coast Highway, fresh water springs of Central and Northern Florida, and the rugged natural landscapes of the expansive Texas plains. Kirk Crippens, Sharon Harper, and Benjamin Dimmit each present a portfolio of photographs that capture these locales of the American landscape. This exhibition explores climate change not as a primary element of the composition, but as a now inescapable feature of landscape photography.

Sharon Harper

Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University refers to her most recent work as “geological surveys” with a focus on the aftermath.

Some Observations on Movements of the Earth invites one to read movements of the earth. Implicit within the work is a call to shape our lives in dialogue with the dynamic changes of the living environment. The project records phenomena that form within a geological time-frame, as well as faster processes such as earth-quakes, monsoons, landslides, forest fires, and coastal erosion. In the midst of the Anthropocene, this record asks that we consider living proactively in tune with environment, respecting the risks it presents.

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