Tim McFarlane

August 28 - December 12, 2020

Gallery Artist Tim McFarlane created a new piece at Towson University in the group exhibition, “All Night Party.” The piece titled “Until The Break of Dawn” is installed on a 9.5’ x 10’ x 3’ wall and “It’s meant reflect some of the energy of having partied most of the night and the night's excitement, sights, sounds, and conversations fragmented into exhilarated memories” – Tim McFarlane.

All Night Party
August 28—October 10, 2020

On view at Center for the Arts Gallery and tugarlleries.com

The visual arts act as a conduit between the significant historical events of the 20th century, and the daily experience of the people who lived through these eras, and between those times and the present moment. The works in this exhibition explore both the historical juxtapositions that complicate and make fascinating our recent past, and the threads that link them to today. The artists in All Night Party are fully present in the 21st century, though they echo some of the aesthetic and cultural concerns of the past, calling backwards to Dada, early 20th-century modernism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, The Studio Craft Movement, graffiti, 80s street art, and forwards towards protest murals and posters, installation, and a post-modern self-awareness. The immediacy of the work is heightened by objects from the Maryland historical clothing collection of Towson University, which illustrates the lives of 20th-century Baltimoreons. Curators Erin Lehman and J. Susan Isaacs state: “Artists Dennis Beach, Bobby Coleman, Alex Ebstein, Tim McFarlane, Dominie Nash, and McKinley Wallace invite viewers to experience the now more fully through the lens of the past, in all of its messiness and complexities.” An illustrated catalog will be available for purchase.

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